Here You Go!!!

darius-revised small After several unexpected delays, the new version of Super Justice Force is available. The biggest difference with this version is the new cover. There are some very minor editorial changes between this and Darius Logan: Super Justice Force, but nothing of major consequence (and probably not anything that readers of the earlier version would notice). Basically, I just wanted to re-brand the series as The Adventures of Darius Logan. I also wanted to start using my full name as an author, which required assigning a new ISBN number to the book. If for some reason you want the older version, it is still available on Amazon (though it costs a dollar more). Now that this is done, it’s time to finish up the sequel, No Man’s Land.

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San Diego Comic Con 2013

Hey folks, look for me next week at the San Diego Comic Con. I have two big events happening Friday, July 19th. First, there is The Black Panel, Friday morning at 10am. Moderated by Michael Davis, I’m honored to be one of the panelists this year.

theblackpanel-2013Then, at 3pm, my good friend and partner-in-crime Robert Love will be signing at the Dark Horse booth (Booth #2615). Robert and I are the creators of the series NUMBER 13, which will be collected into a trade paperback in September.

sdccFinally, Robert and I have been working with the amazing folks at Big Machine to develop a live-action version of NUMBER 13. There will be some exciting news announced on Thursday, July 18th, and then again on Friday the 19th. Look for more news then.

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New MSN Article

Check out my most recent article on MSN’s Parallel Universe, Watching Dead: The Best Movies to Watch If You Love Zombies.

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New Article on MSN

Check out my most recent article for MSN—an overview of movies inspired by serial killer Ed Gein (for some reason that cut out Three on a Meathook). Click HERE to read the article.

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